Crow Maths

Great news from Ian Cusak at Glove Magazine - my story, Crow Maths, was published on 6th October. You can get your copy at @GloveLitZine - but hurry, there's only a handful left.



As a big fan of this fiction site, I'm honoured to have my short piece, Delusion, included in Episode 12 (A Tight Spot) of the amazing Tapes & Tales.  

Icarus Man

My short story, Icarus Man, has been accepted by The Story Shack, and is scheduled for publication on 4th December 2017. It'll even have its own illustration.

Pen still hits paper

Progress is slow, life muscles in (constantly jostling for attention) but pen still (occasionally) hits paper - if only metaphorically. Over the past three months I've been working on the opening chapter of a Noir novel, the collaborative brainchild of Rob True and myself, spawned over a few beers earlier this summer, as well as... Continue Reading →

The Music of Our Youth – by GENE FARMER

My short story, The Music of Our Youth, has been published in Sick Lit Magazine. Big thanks to Rob True for readings and suggestions, and to my wife. Also thank you Kelly Coody for your tireless work championing new writers.


The Music of Our Youth


Gene Farmer

Evan first encountered the man in the Panama hat nearly one month ago. Their last meeting may have been today; it’s hard to say for certain. On that first occasion he’d been standing out the back of the research centre taking a smoke break, one he knew there was barely time for. His batch of lab samples was in the spectrometer – on schedule for once – and he really ought to have been closely monitoring the automated electrospray process. But his need for a cigarette was absolute. Besides, how many times had he run this process without a single glitch? Fuck it, have a sneaky fag, he told himself.

Taking cover in the narrow passage between the two giant bin sheds – a universally acknowledged hidey hole for those in thrall to nicotine – Evan lit up and sucked down the…

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Dissecting the Melon

I've written my second short story, a piece of flash fiction called Dissecting the Melon. Even better news is that it's to be published by Flash Fiction Magazine on February 12th at 9 AM Pacific Time. My thanks to Rob True for his readings of the piece in draft and to Grace Black, Editor at... Continue Reading →


Thrilled to see my first short story, Probability, published in the online literary journal sicklitmagazinedotcom. Special thanks go to SLM Editor Kelly Coody for her support and for tirelessly championing new writers, and to Annabel Banks for all the encouragement and the great advice (and for the whales!).

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