Poem in Glove

A poem fell out of my head, fully formed, and landed in what might be the very last edition of Glove. It’ll be very sad if it is the last; Ian Cusack’s done a fantastic job pulling together some great stories for each edition. If it folds, a great platform for outsider writing is lost.

There are 23 copies left. You can buy one via @GloveLitZine: https://twitter.com/GloveLitZine/status/1047767378854121473?s=09


Open Pen 22

Delighted to say my short story, Barcodes, has been chosen for Issue Twenty-Two of London’s Open Pen magazine. Look out for it; it’s free and hitting your indie bookshop on September 29.


Jack by Gene Farmer

My latest story, Jack, is published in Burning House Press. Many thanks to Amee Nassreen Broumand for choosing it.


It was for Joanna Newsom that I left my wife and children, all of whom I adored more than anything in that world which I left behind and to which I will never go back. My defence is sound, you’ll see.

I’d checked myself into the hospital, just like they tell you to if you’re experiencing difficulties in breathing, have a tight chest and your head is spinning. I passed swiftly through triage and onto a bed where they wired me to an ECG, took blood and then abandoned me to crisp blue curtains and the metronomic beep of an ignored monitor.

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Burning House Press

Good news on the doorstep yesterday. Burning House Press will be publishing my short story, Jack, on Saturday 24th March. The story is part of the Transformations theme and is in excellent company, as this month has already seen wonderful pieces published by Jim Gibson, Rob True and Laura Potts, among others.

Icarus Man cancelled

Sadly, Story Shack is taking an extended break and Icarus Man will not, therefore, be published.

Crow Maths

Great news from Ian Cusak at Glove Magazine – my story, Crow Maths, was published on 6th October. You can get your copy at @GloveLitZine – but hurry, there’s only a handful left.



As a big fan of this fiction site I’m honoured to have my short piece, Delusion, included in Episode 12 (A Tight Spot) of the amazing Tapes & Tales.